Why Choose Us?

All ball valves and fittings areproduced by our own foundry.

From OEM solutions to customized designs, our diverse range of stainless steel valves offers unparalleled versatility.
We helped several customers expand their market share especially for the 2PC and 3PC ball valve.
Cowin's Commitment to Quality,Ensuring No After-Sales Worries for You.

Your Reliable Valve Manufacturer

As a leading supplier of industrial valves, we understand the importance of reliable and efficient valves in various industrial applications. Our ball valve is designed to meet high standards, ensuring smooth operation and a long lifespan. Trust us and we promise to provide you with the most reliable solutions.

Foundry and machinery plant

Own foundry and machinery plant ensures steady quality and delivery time.

Spectrograph to ensure the material

First sample material inspection and offers a 3.1b certificate.

Products Liability Insurance 2023

Product liability Insurance to provide no after-sale worries.

Our Certificates

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