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What is floating ball valve for water tank?

What is a floating ball valve?

A floating ball valve is a type of valve that uses a ball that floats on top of a liquid to control the flow of the liquid. The ball is connected to a lever that can be used to open and close the valve. When the valve is open, the ball floats, allowing the liquid to flow.

What is floating ball valve for water tank?

As the water level in the tank drops, the float ball lowers, causing the arm to pivot and open the valve. This allows water to flow into the tank. Conversely, as the water level rises, the float ball lifts, raising the arm and closing the valve.

Application of floating ball valve

  1. Floating ball valves are most often used in applications that require medium to low-pressure valves,
  2. And are well-suited for both liquids and gases. Lightweight and economical, the seating cannot operate as safely and efficiently with heavier balls. Floating ball valves advantages include Compact design.

What is a floating ball valve for water tank use for?

They’ve got a low-producing well or something along those lines and or they just want to have backup water. Hence, the pump water way up a hill put a cistern in up there and it may be a few hundred feet a thousand feet away. Then they’re just gonna going to gravity back down to pressurize the house so if a power outage happens or something along those lines they’re still gonna have water at pressure to run the things in their house. Hence, it’s a great idea but if you have to run electrical all the way up to it then you’re just adding more components that may not be entirely necessary or at least this gives you another option of something to consider in those situations because it is an old technology. It’s the same way that your toilet works every time you flush the toilet the contents of the bowl or the back of the toilet portion. The back of the toilet goes into the bowl that swirls and washes the toilet out. And then those a float in there that operates just the same way that this floating ball valve.


When the water level of the water tank decreases,the floating ball decreases with the water level. and the piston in the valve body is pulled out through the fixed link. There is a gap between the valve body and the piston. So that water enters the water tank water level.

When the water level of the water tank reaches the set height, the force generated by the floating ball as the water level rises pushes the piston into the valve body through the connecting rod. And the valve body is closed.

When the water level tank reaches the set height position. Due to the sealing rubber gasket installed at the top of the piston and the water outlet in the valve body is flat and smooth. When the buoyancy of the float exceeds the tap water pressure, the water outlet is sealed.


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