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Stainless Steel Valve Handle

There are many kinds of ball valve handles. Today let me show you three kinds of valves handle. 

Oval handle

Space Efficiency: The oval handle is a compact design, making stainless steel ball valves an excellent choice for small spaces. For some large-sized valves, especially those above DN200, oval handles are more better choices. When you open/close you could use both hands. Or you could use a wrench.

Ergonomics: The oval shape is designed to fit comfortably in the hand, reducing hand fatigue and improving grip strength.

Aesthetic Appeal: The oval has a beautiful design and has modern appearance.

Lever handle

Easy to install: Compared to oval handles, lever handles are simpler and more convenient to install. Lever handles are generally straightforward to install, often requiring only basic tools. This ease of installation can save time and reduce the cost of labor in both residential and commercial projects.

Cost-effective: Compared to oval handles, lever handles have a lower price and cost. 

Butterfly handle

For valves that are small in size and have limited installation space, butterfly handles are the preferred choice. Moreover, in situations with limited space, butterfly handles enable better opening and closing. At the same time, butterfly handles also take aesthetics into account, making the overall appearance of the valve more visually appealing and elegant.


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