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2 Way Ball Valve VS 3 Way Ball Valve

3 Way Ball Valve VS 2 Way Ball Valve


Quantity of ways:

  • 3 way ball valve as its name. It has 3 ways use for fluid splitting, combining or switching flows. According to 3 way ball valve inner design. It can be categorized as “L-type” and “T-type”.

L type: can realize the medium of two directions of flow, mainly used to switch the flow direction.

T type: can connect 3 ways or cut any way so it enables more complex media flow adjustments.

  • 2 way ball valve only has two ways( in and out) mainly for fluid open and close. That is, it controls whether or not fluid flows through the valve.

Useful and application:

Because the ability to achieve more sophisticated flow control three ways use for fluid splitting, combining or switching flows. Such as In piping systems, in the chemical, oil, gas and pharmaceutical industries.

Two way ball valve: mainly use for open and close fluid. Two way ball valves are suitable for a variety of simple fluid control scenarios such as water treatment, food and beverage production, construction and domestic plumbing.


Three way ball valve structure more complex. Because it needs splitting, combining or switching flows.

Two way ball valve structure more simple. Normally consisting of body, seats, steam etc. The on/off function is accomplished by rotating the holes in the sphere to align with or perpendicular to the pipe.

Price and Repair:

Because of structural and function difference, three way ball valves normally price and repair cost is more expensive.

The type of ball valve chosen depends on the specific application requirements. For simple fluid control, a plain ball valve may be a more economical and efficient choice. Whereas, for applications requiring complex flow control, three-way ball valves offer more flexibility and functionality.

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